Thursday, February 28, 2013

Telling your story...

Know that words, writing, in your journal does 2 things  - One, it tells your story, and two, it's a graphic element to the design. Variety is the key! Switch it up. Change colors, technique, and style as you go.  Experiment and play.

Put the 'brain' aside and try a variety of things. on. every. page.
The following examples are about writing, lettering and creating lines to write on.

Here are some things to try:

Pre-draw lines with a straight edge.

While drawing the lines, interchange pens with pencils and use a variety of colors.

Let the lines go over the existing images/collage. It's now ready for you to write on.

Try large stencils, place letters diagonally.

Stencil using make-up sponge with either ink or liquid acrylics.

Move the stencil slightly and fill using a small amount of liquid acrylics. Think dry brushing.

Outline with a pen or two.

Free hand letters with a white pen following the shape of your image.

Thicken the letters with the white pen.

Outline with black (or another color)

Over lap writing lines, lettering and stencils to create variety.
 Allow letters to flow over images to integrate the layers.
 Not very pretty I realize, but it's a good sampler to make-

Take a letter and see how many ways you can create it. Starting at the top left (I used Staz-On permanent ink pad):

- Stamp letter and 'smear' diagonally as you lift it. I love the energy this creates!
- Stamp, then without re-inking it, shift it slightly and re-stamp.
- Stamp, let dry, then outline creating 3-d appearance.
- Draw over stamped letter with colored pencil (I draw outside the lines)
Top right column:
- outline letter with colored marker
- Fill stamped letter with colored pencils or markers
- Cross hatch with marker over entire area of letter
- This is pretty cool. I used White Dr. Martins ink to 'sketch' around the letter. This can get messy as the ink is thick! But worth it.
Stamp without worrying about aligning the letters evenly!
 A simple word hand written in white creates a strong contrast to the darker image.
 Staz-on inks on a manipulated photo.
 Another example of free hand writing with white, outlined in black.
 Lightly stenciled large letters, outlined with white.

Then use different rubber stamps for smaller words spelled out in an opposite direction over the larger letters.
Free hand writing following the image design. Outlined with black.
Another favorite look of mine.

This was a fairly small page, so I allowed the stenciled letter go off the page, yet you still get the essence of what it says.

I used paint instead of ink for the stencil, so the color integrates well with the bird image.

Outline is with white pen.

A lot of samples, I know, and they seem so simplistic, but use it as a reference and try all of them yourselves. Then come up with variations of your own!

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