Thursday, August 29, 2013

Students share their Map a Day pages

A sampling of stories from our Map a Day class last week. If others from the class have one to share, just email a photo to me, I'll put it up. It would be fun to post them all!
By Karelia Stetz-Waters

By Pauline Conn

By Denise Zipp

By Chris Fegles

By Emily Lawton

Journal page by Robin Havenick. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Minimalist

Sometimes every ounce matters and you need to downsize your travel journal even more. For the 3 day backpacking trip to South Sisters, I chose to bring a very thin, small 3"x5" notebook, one pen and a few colored pencils in a ziplock bag. 

I choose to only use the 'Map a Day' style of journaling as stopping to sketch was unrealistic atop a mountain in the chilly wind. I waited to illustrate my story when I was snuggled warm in my tent. 

I admit, the challenge for me was to be drawing cartoon style images out of my head. But the end result is so playful and quite humorous. And it certainly tells my story! Like anything new, practice will make it easier. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Self Portraits

This week's challenge-do a self portrait. Use either a mirror or even an old photograph pulled up on the computer. High five to anyone who does it!

Map a Day

A fun and easy way to capture the day's events. Keep the sketches simple, spontaneous, and small (the size of a half dollar). Make it easy to follow by using words, arrows or lines between the images. 

I plan to post some of the 'Map a Day' pages from students in this evening's class when we gather next week. However I did a mini page myself (3"x5") after I finished packing for a backpacking trip to South Sisters, Oregon. 
Fun or what! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pen and Ink continued

Notice 2 different pen sizes used (.5, .7). Also study the use of cross-hatching to create form and contrast.

This is how one learns to make consistent lines. Fill a page! Extra credit to those who take it on! (Ok, extra cookie perhaps)


Edward Gorey technique inspired. 

More playing with line (and pen sizes). 

And another page of line play! Some days you just have to explore the pen and how you use it. 

Pen and Ink

As promised I am posting a handful of black/ white pen and ink sketches from one of my notebooks. Use them to learn various ways of playing with pen and ink. It also allows me to learn how to use my blogging app while I'm traveling!