Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pen and Ink continued

Notice 2 different pen sizes used (.5, .7). Also study the use of cross-hatching to create form and contrast.

This is how one learns to make consistent lines. Fill a page! Extra credit to those who take it on! (Ok, extra cookie perhaps)


Edward Gorey technique inspired. 

More playing with line (and pen sizes). 

And another page of line play! Some days you just have to explore the pen and how you use it. 


  1. thanks lauren, enjoy your time away!

  2. I've found blogging a challenge - to update mostly as I get distracted by so many other things! So I'm always happy to see you pop up in my email box with another post. Love love love these pen and ink drawings. You've inspired me to try them again with "new" eyes.

    thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!


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