Journal 365: a page a day

 Journal 365: a page a day

Welcome to Journal 365: a page a day. This project was created from a journey that I am embarking on where I create a journal page, every day, for a year. The format will be small to ensure I can start and finish a page in a short period of time. One page, every day. I decided to make each of my pages 2.5" x 5".

No other rules, no other guidelines. Just small artistic creations, every day.

What a better way to succeed in a long-term endeavor than to find others to play. So I am putting a call out to you, the community, to any individual, anywhere, who feels inspired to take on this creative challenge and join me. We can keep each other inspired, motivated and supported to reach our own individual goal of creating their own Journal 365 collection, one page at a time.

With enthusiastic support from The Arts Center here in Corvallis, Oregon, we will hold monthly meetups to share our ongoing creations, talk about the process, and energize each other.

Interested? Read On! And feel free to with others-
Here's the details:

Why: The more the better. I've been teaching Art journaling classes for the past 9 years, and love inspiring others to create. And when creative minds come together, magic happens. The concept of journaling a page every day has been around for awhile, but I had never considered taking on the challenge myself. Recently, I came across an image of an artist's collection, and was inspired by of all the individual pages, single hole-punched and hanging on a very large key ring. A year of creativity! I was ready, and Journal 365 was off and running. I wanted community; to support, motivate and inspire each other to succeed in this year long endeavor. After the year's end, we'll celebrate with a show of everyone's Journal 365 collection on display.

When:  Now until you're done! Start your journal when you are ready. Everyone will have different starting dates but the concept is the same. One page. a day. for a year. As I write this, it's early October, 2014, so my journey has just begun. And others are already joining in!

How:  Each individual will create their own collection of journal pages.   
  1) Pick a paper size you feel you can complete (one side or both) in one sitting. This could be index cards that are already cut to size (or cut in half), or pages from a small sketchbook or notebook. Or you can make custom sized pages (which is what I'm doing, though it's a bit more work). They don't even have to be all the same size. No rules, remember? 
  2) Decide how to organize the finished pages. Buy a large key ring and place the finished pages on it. Or string them on a thin rope. Or perhaps decorate an old recipe box. Keep it simple-there will be 365 pages! I am using the key ring concept, single hole punching my pages and placing them, in order, on the large ring.
  3) Start journaling. One page a day. Use any technique, style, or process that compels you. Watch how ideas change with the seasons, and moods, and busyness of our lives. You can write, collage, paint, doodle, sketch, place photos, make lists, stitch, glue, or even write recipes. This is a personal journey, an artistic documentation of a year of your life. Be creative, punch a hole in it and put it on the key ring. You can work on one or both sides. I recommend numbering them.

Who:  Anyone, anywhere. No experience needed. No official sign-up necessary. We will connect via this blog, email, Facebook, and our monthly gatherings. Invite your friends, spread the word. If you want to receive information about the monthly meetups,  contact me Also, visit our Facebook group page

Where:  We will meet monthly at The Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon. This will be a time to share your Journal 365 in progress, and to get inspiration and support from others for the following months. The meetings are free for anyone who is a member of The Arts Center ($35/year), or $4/meeting for non-members. All money collected will go to support The Arts Center and their educational programs.

A sampler of possibilities!

Read more about who I am by visiting my website at

My first 3 days...3 pages, Front sides

and back sides
Are you ready to play?! See below for exerpts of my days of journaling...
day 2
day 3, backside
day 3


day 5
day 6

day 7

day 8

day 9
day 9, backside


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    1. Becky, I think this is right up your alley! Hope you have decided to play.

  2. Thanks for the invite Lauren. Sounds like a creative and fun project....great idea! Count me in!

    1. Put you on the list. Glad you are feeling inspired!

  3. Oh boy, I've been following Julie Fei-Fan Balzar and her daily art journaling but shrinking down the size of the page makes it feel more doable. thanks for the challenge

    1. Peggy-I've had technical issues getting my replies to blog posts publish...seems it's been resolved! LOVE your comments. I am finding the small format, and seeing it evolve as a COLLECTION is motivating me. Did you decide to start your own?

  4. Yes, thank you Lauren for your invitation to all of us to participate in a project with you. You are definitely a creative guru that has a following :)

    1. Creativity and inspiration goes full circle when we can motivate each other to go beyond the boundaries-explore the possibilities! What day are you on? Hope you can come to our first gathering on Oct. 25!

  5. Yes please! Brilliant.

    1. I have been struggling for 3 days to get my replies to publish on my frustrating...I'm not computer savvy, but very stubborn...and now it's working! (breath) So did you start your own collection? Feel free to post a photo!


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